Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Walking the Labyrinth of Life by Panney Wei, C.Ht.

Hello my dear community of light, love, and hope: 
I hope you all had a happy Easter and happy Passover for those celebrating or honoring these special holidays, and hope you've all had an amazing week so far! Even if you're not a religious person I think it's nice to take a moment and reflect on the symbolism of the holiday and its themes of rebirth, renewal, and positive energy and resurrecting! If there's anything in your that needs recharging, now as the spring reminds us and everything is blooming that it's time to recharge and renew things that might've been dead in life, or needing a rebirth.

Recently, it was Happy Doctors Day at the hospital where my father's been working at for over 34 years. I got a chance to meet some of the colleagues that my father works with; encouraging to see my dad surrounded by colleagues whose job daily is to resurrect the health of those in their care. I couldn't help but think they were all warriors in preserving and protecting good health and so thinking of my dad, and being a relative of one of China's greatest warriors, General Tso Tsuang- tang, who we are honored to be related to, I couldn't help it think my dad was also maintaining his legacy of service to his people. It was heartwarming to see all my dad's colleagues being so diverse in nature, thoughtful, intelligent and caring people. We talked about politics, the medical field, the Affordable care act, working as professional caretakers and what I do as a hypnotherapist to help with pain control and relieving stress for patients. It was a meaningful day and nice to see that my dad's work family was just as meaningful as his family life. That's what we all strive for right, a meaningful work and family life. 
While I was waiting for my father to do his rounds, I stumbled upon the most amazing discovery right outside the hospital. The hospital was a beautiful building of glass and it felt like the labyrinth was like a gift for all who encountered it. 

The inscription on the labyrinth read,"All are welcome to walk this sacred path". This labyrinth gave me the inspiration for this week's podcast because the labyrinth is a lot like the journey you take in life and walking the labyrinth is an ancient spiritual act of pilgrimage, symbolizing our journey through life, just as it is in life, taking one step after another, sometimes taking many turns, but leading you to the center and to the same place that everyone ends up. The center could be the core of who you are, your goals, purpose, whatever you are seeking, your spiritual center. All who walk the path eventually reach the center.
On this episode, I'll be sharing the 3 main movements one will take when it comes to maintaining your life, moving forward, and living the metaphor of the labyrinth. Welcome to the episode, "Walking the Labyrinth of Life" at: http://www.panneywei.com/podcast.html
Hope you enjoy it!

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