Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What is fate, how to accept it, and what to do to change it. by Panney Wei, C.Ht.

"Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it."-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Two days ago was the anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King Jr. I want to take a moment to thank him for his sacrifice and those of the Freedom Riders who walked along side with him peacefully to demand a more just and equitable government and a society that reflects kindness, inclusion, and respect and love for all mankind and fellow brothers and sisters on the path to truth, justice, and reaching goals.
I think oftentimes we only hear about the accomplishments of a person, and we sometimes don't hear about all the hard work leading up to the accomplishment and all the sacrifices made before the goal was accomplished and reached. In Martin Luther King Jr.'s case, we don't hear about all the details unless we sit in a civics course, a class in American history or civil rights and African American history.
I'm so grateful that my daughter is learning early on through school and through our efforts about the contributions to our society and our world, like those of MLK and those that paved the way for all of us to live in this great country, our America that is still seen as a leader and light in the world.
The problem is often we don't hear about how long MLK marched, how many times he was beaten, how many times he went to jail, and how his fellow activists who marched alongside him faced so much brutality and so much hate and obstacles towards their goals.
It takes tremendous courage to be able to stay strong in the face of adversity and in the face of those that wish to bring you down.
Now more than ever we need to be reminded that through hard times and adversity, that we need to stay the course, work hard, keep moving forward. Believe in yourself and believe in hope, and believe that we'll come out on top again and come out strong. Ultimately before the end goal and end game is reached, certain steps must come in place, and certain things must happen, and certain tests must be passed by us as individuals in order to get the gift of the lesson from the hardship you're going through, individually or collectively.
So I share with all of you, stay strong, stay on the path, stay the course, and don't give up. Believe in yourself. Whatever it is, whatever hardship you're facing, whatever difficulties you're enduring and going through right now that weigh on your spirit, your heart, mind, and soul and make you feel weary, just don't give up. Because the best is still yet to come. The worst is over. Now we're going to get through this all together.
In your darkest hour in life or whenever you go through a tough time, remember to have faith, and to continue believing that you will get through it. So to help with that, this week's podcast is on fate: "What is fate, how to accept it, and what to do to change it." Fate is different than destiny. Certain things must happen to you or will happen to you that are predestined to help you grow, and that is fate. But you can change what fate brings to you by realizing that certain things happen (those things that are fated to happen), but you can still change the course of your life and direction, even your environment. So even though certain things happened, you can change your life still! Feel free to listen here:

Hope you enjoy this episode and for those that are on a spring break, have a restful and amazing week! I will be uploading a new episode every week, hopefully every Monday and sometimes Twice a week,depending on what's happening,and will be announcing the start of my youtube channel (@panneywei) in the near future as well. Onward and upward everyone!

Lots of love to you all!

Panney Wei,C.Ht.
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Walking the Labyrinth of Life by Panney Wei, C.Ht.

Hello my dear community of light, love, and hope: 
I hope you all had a happy Easter and happy Passover for those celebrating or honoring these special holidays, and hope you've all had an amazing week so far! Even if you're not a religious person I think it's nice to take a moment and reflect on the symbolism of the holiday and its themes of rebirth, renewal, and positive energy and resurrecting! If there's anything in your that needs recharging, now as the spring reminds us and everything is blooming that it's time to recharge and renew things that might've been dead in life, or needing a rebirth.

Recently, it was Happy Doctors Day at the hospital where my father's been working at for over 34 years. I got a chance to meet some of the colleagues that my father works with; encouraging to see my dad surrounded by colleagues whose job daily is to resurrect the health of those in their care. I couldn't help but think they were all warriors in preserving and protecting good health and so thinking of my dad, and being a relative of one of China's greatest warriors, General Tso Tsuang- tang, who we are honored to be related to, I couldn't help it think my dad was also maintaining his legacy of service to his people. It was heartwarming to see all my dad's colleagues being so diverse in nature, thoughtful, intelligent and caring people. We talked about politics, the medical field, the Affordable care act, working as professional caretakers and what I do as a hypnotherapist to help with pain control and relieving stress for patients. It was a meaningful day and nice to see that my dad's work family was just as meaningful as his family life. That's what we all strive for right, a meaningful work and family life. 
While I was waiting for my father to do his rounds, I stumbled upon the most amazing discovery right outside the hospital. The hospital was a beautiful building of glass and it felt like the labyrinth was like a gift for all who encountered it. 

The inscription on the labyrinth read,"All are welcome to walk this sacred path". This labyrinth gave me the inspiration for this week's podcast because the labyrinth is a lot like the journey you take in life and walking the labyrinth is an ancient spiritual act of pilgrimage, symbolizing our journey through life, just as it is in life, taking one step after another, sometimes taking many turns, but leading you to the center and to the same place that everyone ends up. The center could be the core of who you are, your goals, purpose, whatever you are seeking, your spiritual center. All who walk the path eventually reach the center.
On this episode, I'll be sharing the 3 main movements one will take when it comes to maintaining your life, moving forward, and living the metaphor of the labyrinth. Welcome to the episode, "Walking the Labyrinth of Life" at: http://www.panneywei.com/podcast.html
Hope you enjoy it!

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Monday, April 03, 2017

Happy Women's History Month and Introducing new podcast, See the Way with Panney Wei!

Hello friends,

First of all, I wanted to wish everyone a happy women's history month on this last day of this special month of the year. I hope we've all taken a moment to recognize all the strong and amazing women in our lives that help us, inspire us, or are present in our lives and help make this experience of living a lot lighter, a lot more fun, a lot easier, and a lot happier. Thank you to my teachers who have been there with me during this journey of starting my hypnotherapy and motivational speaking practice to producing my first podcast, Creating Positive Changes with Panney Wei, which ran for 8 years. It was a positive and wonderful experience to launch that show which aired on several internet radio stations and then found a home at KCAA 1050 AM radio, NBC News radio and ITunes where it was ranked Top 100 Best podcasts in Spirituality and was recognized as "New and Notable" in spirituality & self-help, and at one point, broadcast in over 240 countries. I thank God for its presence in my life, for the sponsors who supported it, and for the people and audience who listened and connected with me each and every week. But life progressed, and so it is with all things in life, one must change and move forward and evolve, and it was time to start a family, and so I did. I  took time to raise my daughter and took a break from producing this show in order to focus on her and our family. It was all worth it and worth the sacrifice because she's a well-adjusted, strong, insightful, kind, and happy child, but now it's time for a change again, and get back out there again and make a difference in our world on a broader scale.

No one ever tells you how hard it is to bounce back after taking time for your family; life is really like running a marathon and sometimes you fall real hard and stumble along the way, and you've got to get yourself back up and rise up again. Sometimes you have setbacks because you've got to pause, and the universe has other experiences in store for you. For those women that choose to have families, it's tough to temporarily put on hold some of your wishes and dreams or your life purpose you hold in your heart. It's like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes, you have to constantly work hard to be reborn again.
This has always been a theme in my life from the time I helped raise my siblings and fulfilled that rite of passage, to as many of us all do, go through the school, college, find the love of your life, get your heart broken, get back out there, get married and start families; these are all tests and rites of passage in life.
Not too long ago when things felt stagnant, I had time to think a lot while raising my daughter and wondering why there was this pause in my life that felt forever and enduring! I worked when I could, with hypnotherapy and coaching clients and doing speaking engagements and corporate professional development trainings, but most of my time was focused on laying a strong foundation for our child and family. I often thought that maybe God created this quiet pause in my life so I could do more self-reflection, so I could gain more clarity, so I could have certain, extraordinary experiences that would help me grow and be a better person, more spiritually connected, and collect wisdom from some of these experiences so I can eventually share them with others. Some of those experiences were and continue to be very difficult and the wisdom was hard-earned, but as I learned from when I was a young person and overcoming a life-threatening illness and near-death experience, was that staying optimistic and staying positive is more powerful beyond measure and a positive mindset can help you get through anything in life. You have to have the heart of a lion and the grit and spirit of a Phoenix in order to adapt and soar through anything difficult in life. So I thank all those who have crossed my path and all the experiences, good and bad, that I've had and endured and overcome. They have made me who I am and continues to shape me and my spirit. I hope to continue to be worthy of the wisdom I've gained from it all and then to share it with you all so that your journey will be easier, more peaceful, and your dreams and goals will be easier to ascertain as well.

I am thankful we are finally in the spring and it's time for everyone in spite of anyone or any obstacle, to reignite all your passions, dreams, or goals. Mine has always been to serve my community and make a difference in the world with the talents God has given me and the purpose He placed in my heart. Thank you to those who still believe in me; you know who you are and I'm grateful for you 🙏. With that, today I'm happy to share that I'm launching a brand new podcast called,"See the Way with Panney Wei" which is available on my website to download or listen directly at: http://www.panneywei.com/podcast.html. And will be available on ITunes eventually as well. I hope you enjoy the first episode and every week there will be a new message sharing a motivational message, inspiration, interviews with NY Times Bestselling authors, wisdom or compelling stories from numerous guests who are luminaries or experts in various fields, tips to help you have work-life balance and gain a synergistic harmony and success between your goals, loved ones, career and health, and share tools to improve your life personally and professionally, spiritually and mentally, to stay inspired on your path. Thank you for listening, for being patient, and for staying connected with me! I can't wait to share it with you. Happy Women's History Month! Blessings and love to you all!