Thursday, January 19, 2017

We Stand United

January 19, 2017

On Saturday, #WeStandUnited. I am mystified that some people are still living in a bubble and do not realize the truth and the facts surrounding this past election from our intelligence community who we should respect and be grateful for, and that Russia's hacking and interfering in Our election process and democracy is a very serious matter, and a serious cause for concern for everyone. Any person who speaks highly and appeals to Russia/Putin who is a war criminal is not a patriot of America. You can have diplomatic relations but being in bed together is all together dangerous. It may feel sexy for a moment, but you will be betrayed in the end by a very dangerous adversary.
Together, I will be marching with my daughter and others on Saturday for all our basic human rights, women's rights, and the protection of our country. We are standing up for the values that created this country and to push back against those who through their ignorance are trying to tear it down. At this time, it's not a Republican vs Democrat issue, it's an American issue. It's about preserving and protecting our national values, our national security, which is in jeopardy, our rights and freedoms as US citizens and the protection of how far we've come as a nation. This is an American issue and every one who lives here should be deeply concerned and if you aren't, you must wake up. As a hypnotherapist and handwriting analyst, I can tell you that even by studying our President- elect and his handwriting, that he's a troubled person, and I worry he is not here in this office to prove anything to you, to serve those who voted for him. I have compassion for him but this is not about him, the office of the president is about the people, we the people.
I've studied human behavior for a very long time as a behavioral scientist and met with many people, and many Seriously ill people and it's sadly evident by his actions that we are not being cared for. It will be like a selfish lover who will kick you to the curb once you've devoted your life to him or her; they will leave you with false promises and not a care for your life or heart. Like a selfish lover, or narcissist, you must watch and assess what they do, not what they say. And what we have seen is that like attracts like and the appointees and cabinet member choices so far have been uncaring, without thought, and unbelievable. Would you go see a lawyer to take care of an ailing health issue? No! So why would you put people in positions of power that have no prior experience? It's not common sense.
I'm being reminded by a quote from the very wise James Baldwin, "It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have." This is what we're dealing with. On Saturday, Today and every day, Let's fight for our democracy, fight for our safety, our God given rights, and the protection of our country, and all the other countries we are allied with and have promised to protect as well! This is not just about America! It's about our beautiful light and leadership and vision in the world! Together we will march on and march forward and believe that the power of one person and many people together can create change. Gandhi once said, "Strength does not come from physical capacity; it comes from indomitable will." Well, I am all for that. I've been through some serious shit in my life and this shit is not going to stop us now. This kid here has the sheer force of will to create change and she believes she can make a difference. Today she told me,"Mommy, I'm sad about things. But I won't give up!" I believe in her and I believe in us all to make a difference. The USA is a country of "We the People." So We can do this!
Yes we can and yes we will! #letsdothis #westandunited #gandhi #wethepeople #powertothepeople

Panney Wei, C.Ht.