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What Does the Year of the Rooster Mean, and How to Manage Stress in the World Right Now and Invoke the Blessings of the Lunar New Year! by Panney Wei, C.Ht.

Dear Friends,

The Lunar New Year of the Rooster was on January 28th this year and it took me some time to figure out what to say and share with you all considering all that's happening in the world at this time. I had the recent experience Of seeing a beautiful lion dance over last weekend and now more than ever can understand the significance of such a tradition and ritual in Chinese culture. When you witness it, it not only displays a positive feeling but there is a force within the sound of the drums, the movement and the dances, that make you feel like change and magic is happening while witnessing the dance. As all dancers know, your body evokes energy and energy channeled and shared with others is a form of magical act and transformation. That was my experience being a figure skater who danced on ice.

The lion dance has been part of the Chinese culture for thousands of years and is performed on auspicious occasions such as weddings, store openings, and various festivals and celebrations. The lion, a symbol of power, wisdom, and good fortune, chases away evil spirits and brings happiness, longevity, and good luck. Everyone watching the dance at this event was a beautiful blend of so many cultures and it reminded me of the quote, " E Pluribus unum", or "out of many, One', the motto of the United States of America.  It was a beautiful experience.

At home, we celebrated by preparing hot pot, the act of eating together and sharing a meal in a circle over one pot is also an auspicious act of being together as one. I hope we can all still remember this. I understand that it's hard with all the information coming out at you from all angles. So to help with that, I would recommend the following (my top 8 tips)  to continue ushering in the new year and it's new energy and hopefully powerful change, staying on your path, and seeing the way through the new year.:

1. Stay grounded - Do a daily active meditation or schedule time to reflect and go inwards so that you can gain perspective on things and activate your inner guidance that is connected to Source and can guide you in all things. This isn't just passive meditation to clear your mind; this is an active connecting of your mind, body, spirit to the source of all creation so you can receive guidance and answers in the stillness of your mind. It's about getting in touch with your soul. 🙏

2. Use your logical mind in connection to your intuition and gut instinct to weed out the fray, the unnecessary, and the disruptive in your life. This applies to people, information, and situations. Your intuition and gut instinct is the most important asset you have. The more you trust it (when it points you from Wrong and right) the clearer it becomes. Your instinct and logical mind can help you sort the truth from unthruths and guide you in the right direction. A wise person once said,"Fear is a feeling, not a fact." Good words to remember. In my hypnotherapy practice, I teach people that there is a difference between a phobia and a fear. A phobia is an irrational fear that doesn't have a basis on any truth. A fear could be from personal experience but also is not a truth, habit, or fact. An example would be if you have a phobia of flying; if you've never been in a plane crash or accident, then the phobia is not based on real experience or evidence. It's just something created in the mind. If you have a fear about something, like birds, people, water, or small spaces, the brain sometimes gets triggered by events or other small things in life unrelated to the fear but triggers anxiety, or a feeling of a lack of control anyways. It's usually based not on truth unless an event actually happened to you like a near-drowning (if you have a fear of water) but most likely, can be healed very easily through hypnosis which allows one to change ideas or negative associations in the subconscious mind. Just remember, phobias are not based on fact. It's a negative association in the mind that has no basis or truth. So use your logical mind to help you figure out the truth in every situation, and use your intuition, and your common sense and balance of right and wrong to read every situation and person. Your intuition is in invaluable tool, if you have access, you can access a world of information and  answers.

3. Take breaks when life becomes overwhelming and beware of being addicted to too many escape mechanisms. It doesn't mean you take a long long break from your daily activities and rituals. But it means if you need a break to center yourself that you honor yourself to do it. You can exercise, go for a hike in nature which I did this week which was gratifying not only in spirit but for my body and mind. You can watch something uplifting or listen to something uplifting. You can call a good friend who is grounded, positive and hopefully wise to keep you going. You can take refuge in positive nourishing people or things like your children, your loved ones or friends and family. Eat something good, have a nice glass of wine but don't over do it. The point is everything in moderation.  Beware of creating negative habits. The truth to having power over your own life is being self-aware and mindful of your actions, impulses or triggers, And reactions and give your mind a mental break!

4. Take control of the news that comes to you. You control what you read, see, and hear. Take time to change your news filters, alerts, and prompts. Stay informed but maintain a balance so you don't get overwhelmed. Your body provides signals when you're overloaded. It can give you neurological signs of distress, through your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Don't ignore them. Watch your anxiety levels, and if you feel anxious, then you need a break, slow down, and pause for a moment. Take a break. Switch your emotional state by watching or listening to something positive or take a mental break and exercise which releases positive endorphins to the body and most importantly, the brain. All these actions present a shift in the current emotional state, and the wiring in your subconscious mind, so you become more in control of what you intake, rather than at the hands of those that want to feed you news, info, and all!

5. Take time to do some self-reflection and a review of your values and experiences and your reactions to them the last few weeks. The new year is about ushering in new energy but also a review of what is important to you so you can set a good tone for the new year in how you want your life to go.

6. Gratitude: Be grateful for what you do have and the people who are still in your life. An attitude of gratitude always brings you more. But you'll live life a happier person, less resentful, less entitled, and more open, more aware, and more conscious that your life affects others and vice Versa.

7. Understand that the year of the Rooster symbolically means on a world scale that nations, people's, and all will be, like the rooster, shouting out what they believe in, and you'll see displays of actions where people are competing for who has the most power or what is more important. This is all important and meant to happen. It's no coincidence. But I feel that with these recent events, we are forced as human beings to turn inwards and tune into our spiritual sides of ourselves in order to retain balance because there is so much chaos and so much interference from the outside. I see this as a positive gift from what's happening. Like with anything in life that needs to be healed, it will often get worse before it gets better. An example is when you have a bad fall, and you get a deep bruise. It hurts from the inside; the pain is deep, the color reflects the pain as well, but like all pain, it forces you to look deeper, go deeper, excavate the problem, the truth, and then heal it.

8. Believe in yourself and tune out negativity. Do not fold into depression, inactivity, frustration, or giving up all your power to one person or situation with anything in life. Make decisions for yourself, tune into your own voice and inner guidance. The more you know yourself, the less you'll be swayed by others, and the stronger you'll be so you won't be fatigued or distracted by people or situations, and take matters into your own hands and continue to reach your goals.

In my Hypnotherapy and motivational speaking practice and through my podcast, See the Way with Panney Wei​, I've always tried to teach people to take charge of their lives, and that they have the power to change things at any moment and that they have the power to be the change they wish to see in the world. I have never seen so many people more engaged in their lives until now and taking charge of areas they felt needed change. People are starting to believe in themselves even more, and that is a wonderful thing.

I hope everyone keeps their goals in mind, their prayers for peace in their hearts, and the belief in their own power as individuals to create real, long lasting change at any moment. Happy new year of the Fire Rooster! May you continue to shoot for the stars and realize your dreams and shout like the Rooster out loud all the wishes you have in your heart and wish to invoke in the world, the prayers in your soul, what you'd like your life to look like, your visions and hopes, and eventually will manifest. You can do it! Wishing you many blessings, much peace, and an abundance of love in the new year from everyone, everything, and everywhere.


Panney Wei, C.Ht.
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