Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Panney and Talia in New APIAVote Ad Airing Nationally on NBC!
HI everyone!
Well, it's been a year since my daughter Talia was born, and we are appearing together
in a new PSA for APIAVote to encourage people to vote in the upcoming election.
You can watch APIAVote's public service announcement on their YouTube channel at:
and help spread the word by sharing the video with 5 friends and family through
Facebook, Twitter and email.
Talia and I are so honored to be asked to debut together in this important announcement.
Please share it with friends and family. APIAVote asks you, "What do you want?"
When you exercise your right to vote, you're taking a stand for your values, your
family and your community.
Thanks to our partners at Comcast, this PSA started airing nationwide on NBC on
October 24, 2011. It will serve as a great reminder for voters to take action on
Tuesday, November 8, 2011 and cast their ballot for many local elections.
The PSA was co-produced by the Center for Asian American Media and Director/ Producer,
Anson Ho, of Arowana Films production.
Whoot! Whoot!