Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Essays in Pho for Life: A Melting Pot of Thoughts
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In junior high, Harry Kim, who was my puppy love crush in eighth grade, wrote in
my yearbook, "Don't ever let anyone change who you are." Wow, wise words from
a thirteen year old that are still applicable today. He could not return my affections
so found a way to share his sentiments in a kind and thoughtful manner. The journey
of love is ultimately about acceptance and love of yourself. In a very simple way,
his words served as a reminder throughout life to persist in becoming the person
I was born to be, love myself for who I am, and be loved exactly as I am as well.

We are all fools in love! From birth to adulthood, love will test us, exhume us,
entangle us, consume us, and enrapture us. The necessity to love and be loved is
a universal and perpetual desire among all human beings on this planet. From the
moment we exit our mother's womb, we are yearning for the feeling of being whole
again, to be a part of something or someone. So our lesson in life is to learn how
to love ourselves, and then to share that love with someone wholly, fully, and completely.

So how do you break the desperation of wanting to be loved or love another so you
can wait for the real deal? Fill your life with a career you love, people who love
and respect you, friends who aren't haters and genuinely want the best for you,
and passions that fulfill your heart and soul and get you up in the morning. Fill
your life with love and passion about who you are, who you're surrounded by, and
what you do, and love will find you! You don't want to be the one of many; you
want to be the one and only in someone's life. Realize you're someone special, and
then go after your dreams and make your life special. Everyone deserves real, long-lasting
love, so by facing the truth and realities of love, and loving yourself, you will
achieve it. Let the reality of love be your happily ever after. Love is the greatest
adventure in life!

Now go for it!

A Melting Pot of Thoughts is a collection of poems and stories reminding us that
- in the end - love conquers all.
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