Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hypnosis Today guest-hosted by Panney Wei, C.Ht.

Whoohoo! I'm branching out to web TV and guest-hosting a new show called Hypnosis Today, the nation's first Web TV talk show featuring various topics on the fascinating world of hypnotherapy. The show will air on and the topics I'll be talking about with my upcoming guests are universal: the fear of success, work-life balance, test-taking or performance anxiety, and chronic pain and life purpose. Look for my episodes of Hypnosis Today which will air very soon

You'll see me in action doing hypnotherapy for my clients, and covering a wide variety
of subjects to help you understand the power of the subconscious mind and how hypnosis
is being used today to help people achieve success, happiness, and prosperity. You'll
hear from guests about how they have used hypnosis for such areas as quitting smoking,
weight loss, dealing with fears and anxiety, increasing confidence, letting go of
negative habits and much much more...Tune in to check out this new fascinating show!