Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Touch of Romance, a Piece of Colonial History…..Welcome to Edgartown!

Getting to Edgartown is not for the faint of heart. First of all, you have to fly from wherever you are in the world, land in Boston’s Logan airport, and then face one of two very precarious forms of transportation: a very small, 8 seater puddle jumper plane or the notorious vomit-comet (aka the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard Island where Edgartown is located). My husband and I were headed to Edgartown for a wedding and couldn’t wait for our trip to begin! We decided to hop on the small Cape Air plane for our 40 minute flight to paradise. And you could see why. Everywhere you went, flowers were in bloom, the air was fresh, the ocean was inviting, and seagulls flew threw the air. Edgartown is the largest of six small towns on Martha’s Vineyard, and the most popular to host the fairytale-like weddings popular on the island. When we arrived at The Harbor View Hotel, I wasted no time and decided to explore. The weather outside was a typical New England summer: hot, humid, and unpredictable. I saw everything a tourist could squeeze in one afternoon. I saw the Edgartown Lighthouse, which was a lovely memorial dedicated to children who lost their lives too young, walked into town to witness the Old Pagoda Tree and St. Andrews Church where the first NAACP chapter was founded following Bobby Kennedy’s death, and let myself wander around town. There was a nice quietness in the air and I could see why people came here to retire or vacation. It was so quiet, you could actually hear your thoughts! As I immersed myself at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum and strolled along the streets, exploring the historic sites, I felt a sense of calm and contentment washing over me. This was a wonderful place to relax and unwind from the stresses of LA life.

I found some of the oldest houses on Martha’s Vineyard dating all the way back to 1850, and had ice cream at a local hot spot (cause it was hot!), and smelled the roses (finally). I mean, this was the land of the Kennedys and there was something wholesome about the place. Edgartown was everything I thought it would be: sweet, charming, conservative, and white! Every house and building in town was painted white, some with black window shutters, but each had a porch to enjoy the stunning views. After a day of exploration, I was getting hungry and since seafood is supreme in Edgartown, I decided to try it. I ate at the Seafood Shanty and tried the New England creamy clam chowder, the infamous lobster roll sandwich, and topped it off with a warm cup of sweet, mint coffee at MacPheils down the street. Yum! What a fantastic way to spend my day!

My trip was certainly off to a great start!